How do the support plans differ?

LugLess offers four different support plans designed to supplement the support provided directly by our affiliated carriers.  The support plans offer a bundle of support services at a discounted rate and they appeal to travelers with varying levels of support needs.  If you are booking a return trip you must choose the same support plan for both legs of your trip.  Each support plan is made up of the following support elements:

Some elements of the support plan can be purchased al-a-carte after the trip is booked

Sending Luggage

Drop off at a carrier near you - You are responsible for taking their luggage to a local carrier location at their convenience.

Doorstep pickup - Carrier will be dispatched to your location where they will collect the luggage during an 8 hour window.

Luggage Tags

Self print - You will print your shipping labels from within your LugLess account and secure the labels to your luggage.

Custom tag - We will send you a custom luggage tag that securely attaches around the handle of your luggage.

Customer Support

No support - You can find answers to common questions in our help center (you're here already) or work directly with the carrier.  FedEx® Support - 1 (800) 463-3339  UPS® Support - 1 (800) 742-5877

Email support - You will have email support from our team of expert shipping specialist.  During normal business hours you can expect a response within 2 hours.

Phone support - You will have email and phone support from our team of expert shipping specialist during our normal business hours.

Luggage Tracking

Carrier tracking - You will be provided with a link to track your luggage directly on the carriers website.

Advanced tracking - Our advanced tracking algorithm with monitor your shipment for abnormalities and our team of logistics specialist will take corrective action on your behalf if necessary.

Value Protection

$0, $100, $300, $500 - Each support plan comes with a different level of value protection for each piece of luggage in the shipment.  Additional value protection may be purchased after the trip is booked.  

Money-Back Guarantee

No guarantee - The base support plan does not have a money-back guarantee.

1x money-back - If the luggage is not delivered by the carrier commit date you will be refunded the transit charges for each late item.

2x money-back - If the luggage is not delivered by the carrier commit date you will be refunded double the transit charges for each late item.

Trip Changes

Non-refundable - There is a fee to make any changes to your trip or to cancel your trip.

Changeable - There is no fee for changing your trip but there is a fee to cancel your trip.

Refundable - There are no fees to change or cancel your trip within 72 hours of the send luggage date.

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